Krister Bladh

Concept Designer



Concept designer and art historian based in Sweden, specialising in branding and communication strategy. Interned at Kontrapunkt, Copenhagen after completing a Bachelor of Design at Malmö University. I'm available for freelance work since 2010.

With a previous BA in Art History from Lund University, my work is often informed by a theoretical and historical framework of art and design. I have previously lived in Glasgow, as well as in Auckland on the other side of the world. With an international perspective on current design issues and trends, I work for both Scandinavian and international clients. Download my CV.


Undergraduate thesis
The Guardian of the Spectacle - An ideological anaylsis of newspaper design and proposals for 'détournement'. Malmö: School of Arts & Communication, Malmö University 2010. Buy it on Lulu.

Undergraduate thesis
Avec l'art contre le cinéma - En undersökning av den situationistiska konstfilmen 'So ein Ding muss ich auch haben'. Lund: Lund University 2010.

Co-edited with Lisa Luckman
Peter Ullmark, Staffan Schmidt & Maria Hellström Reimer et. al. Design & Visuell Kommunikation. Malmö: School of Arts & Communication, Malmö University 2010.