Krister Bladh

Concept Designer





wayfinding, Copenhagen Metro, UX

Work done at Kontrapunkt

The Copenhagen metro is currently being extended with a new circle line, due to open in 2018. To complement the design of the new stations, Kontrapunkt were asked to create new wayfinding solutions in line with Metroselkabet's identity. The brief included physical signage, arrival/departure screens, platform screens, pictograms and network maps - all for the three different phases of the trip: street-level entry, station interior and train interiors.

The project involved challenging much of the current design concept, to try to effect improvements and create designs that will be modern in 2018, anticipating the habits and needs of future commuters and tourists.

The new lines M3 and M4 run alongside each other in similar fashion to the original two lines. But as shown by the yellow dashed line in Image 4, they don't map onto a circle at all. If one were to overlay the planned future network (including several more lines) it becomes apparent that current design principles should be abandoned.

How do you make a whole city think in a circle when they never have before? Our solution puts forward a new design idiom: one of perfect circles and direction. Cityringen must be instantly graspable both verbally and visually, and at the bottom is my version of the line map. The M3 symbol (top) was arrived at after many tests of colour, visibility and directional devices. And here on the left is one sketch for the in-train screen interface.