Krister Bladh

Concept Designer



Ponsonby Pop


music festival, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland University of Technology. The brief consisted of picking an area of Auckland and developing a fitting festival concept, including brand and marketing strategies. Researching Ponsonby, an area inhabited by upwardly mobile young professionals but with a night life that attracts the city's hipsters, I found a big sports field not frequently used (Image 4). The perfect setting for a music festival, which would solve what is Ponsonby's constant dilemma: its residents feeling estranged from the crowds frequenting the restaurants and bars every night of the week. The festival area is therefore conveniently close to the surrounding villas and at the same time niched to hipsters and gig-goers of the adjacent K'Road area.

The brand is inspired by street art found in Ponsonby and contrasts the homelike yarn of the P with slightly corporate typography and a striking colour that works well on the screen (Image 2). The symbolism of the P is risqué since that is the name methamphetamine goes by in New Zealand, but it has also been used in anti-drug contexts (like "no P in Ponsonby").

The marketing campaign aims to make the street art connection go full circle, with the 'adhere/ad here' concept. The billboard is printed on clear PVC which leaves the underlying metal (often itself used by street artists) visible (Image 1). The tickets are printed on clear stickers, with information on the back of the protective paper (Image 3). The festival thus markets itself.

Sponsorship would come from the local Ponsonby Business Association and event/promotion company Altmusic.