Krister Bladh

Concept Designer



Land Use Poetics


book design, interdisciplinary

Created for the Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU).

Land Use Poetics is the comprehensive title for an international collaboration between researchers and artists in architecture, landscape architecture and fine arts. What is concealed behind the physical planning term "land use"? This is the question in this cross-disciplinary project, engaging ten artists and researchers from around the world.

Here is the group's first publication: a collection of essays and a documentation of their two workshops so far. The book is designed in a two-part structure to show the connection between the two locations in Southern Sweden and England. The axis of the map covering the front and the back is thus rotated to create a latitudinal line between them. The book also contains QR-codes that link to interactive content, which in turn shifts the design focus to the poetics of the page.